Top 5 Reasons to Go Solar in 2021

Since 2020 a lot of us started spending more time at home than ever before. Unfortunately, that meant we spent a lot of time using a lot more energy – leading to higher energy bills. This is partly why 2021 solar is more popular than ever.

Solar Tax Credits

The US government has incentives called energy credits on a federal level. This is done in an effort to enable homeowners to power their own homes – a much more sustainable option than subsidizing big giant gas or coal plants.

Solar tax credits can account for 26% of the total cost of your solar installation costs. In most cases, this can be in the range between $7 000 – $12 000.

Massive Savings


One of the biggest reasons people go solar is savings- both short-term and long-term.

Over the long term, you can literally save tens of thousands of dollars. In the short term, consumers are utilizing solar loans to save money on a monthly basis.

The real aim though is the long-term savings and the real driver behind why people end up saving tens of thousands of dollars on their utility bills.

Lower Utility Bills – Cost Per Kilowatt

The cost per kilowatt is less with solar panels than the cost of electricity coming from the grid. In fact, your utility bill is continually increasing while you continue to pay more every year. On the other hand, the technology to start up your solar experience is continually getting more affordable.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

carbon-emissionsBecause homeowners are making a huge contribution to climate change, going solar means that you are reducing the carbon footprint of your property.

By going solar you will be replacing fossil fuels with clean and renewable energy.

Lowest Pricing Ever

How often have you heard someone say they are waiting for the right moment to go solar?

In 2021 solar is here it’s never been more affordable. The engineering is top-notch making solar a state-of-the-art investment.

Backup System

Do you want a backup system to make sure you have energy no matter what? In today’s climate of rolling blackouts, hurricanes, tornadoes, natural disasters, and unpredicted situations, including financial crises and pandemics, there is a real need to protect and secure an energy source for your home or business.

Solar Investment

Smart homeowners prefer to invest in their houses rather than keeping a forever bill. Remember, going solar can change the way you approach your energy consumption every day. And with the massive return on investment, it’s really no wonder that solar has become more popular than ever.