Sun Block Window Shades Put You In Control

Sunblock window shades allow you to take back control from the heat and glare of the sun. Whether it’s the complete elimination of the sun or just to block the glare these shades get the job done with little or no problem.

Sunblock window shades come in three different categories:

  1. complete blackout or room darkening shades
  2. light filtering shades
  3. glare control shades

Complete Blackout Shades

Complete blackout shades due to exactly what they say. They eliminate all sunlight period. They are especially important if you work at night and need complete darkness to sleep during the day.

windowblindsThese room darkening shades come in a palate of different colors with a generous selection of trim styles to please the most discerning of home decorators.

These sunblock window shades come standard with a straight bottom hen but can be brought alive with a decorative hem added to the bottom of the shade to add visual delight.

They come with a clutch control to allow them to raise and lower with grace and ease. If you need them for complete blackout order them with reverse roll.

Reverse roll allows for the fabric of the shade to come closer to the actual windows eliminating light leakage.

Mount them back inside the casing as close to the window frame as possible and the light leakage will be nill.

The one negative point to these shades is that the colors just stay there.

The beauty of most shades is the light filtering through the shades and affecting the surrounding area. Complete black-out shades don’t do that they just hang there straight and true keeping all out.

Light Filtering Shades

As the name suggests light filtering shades block the glare and some of the light lets just enough of the light in to create a very pleasant atmosphere.

The light filtering through these shades and adding to the ambiance of the room makes them a desirable addition to any room.

Some of these shades such as the Remembrance Dakota-Raw silk are downright gorgeous to look at as well as to feel.

As you might imagine raw silk products are on the pricey side but the resulting look and feel make them a bargain if not downright cheap.

In my opinion, the optional hem is the distinguishing characteristic of these sunblock window shades. The decorative hem adds not only beauty but it also gives these shades a personality of their own.

Of course like any shade of this type you need to have them all the way down for privacy which means you lose your ability to see out.

Sunblock window shades like this are oftentimes used with draperies or side panels tied back and then the light filtering shade with decorative hem in the half-down position to create a look that is to die for(or maybe that should be to “live for”)

Glare Control Shades

Glare control shades are for glare only. For privacy they are useless but to control glare they are priceless and a must-have item to enjoy the view.

sunblock-shadesThese good-looking sunblock window shades have different degrees of openness. They range from Sheerweave 2000, 3000, 4000, 4800, and 5000.

For those of us who like to gaze with rapture at our surroundings, these shades make life enjoyable. I love to sit with a good cup of coffee in the morning and tea later in the day and just watch the world go by.

Anyway if you are feeling trapped by the sun and wanting to enjoy your surroundings then check out those links above break out of your situation and start enjoying your view.

It would be nice if they came with a switch that would allow you to switch on some privacy but unfortunately, that probably won’t happen.

If you want privacy with these shades you need to put another blind over them or better yet a good-looking pair of draperies to close when you want to shut the world out.