Safe And Simple Is The Rule Of The Day For Window Blinds For Children’s Rooms

Decorating children’s room shouldn’t be about “look what I can buy” rather what’s user-friendly for the child should be the rule of the day.

Give the kids a break. Let them be kids. Kids like to have fun, climb on walls if possible and do all those neat things that superheroes do. They might hide behind drapes, run between vertical vanes, and-heaven forbids- write on window shades. I know- not your kids.

Maybe your kids don’t do those things but they are kids, so why not make their room fun, safe and simple.

Let the Fun Begin

Give the room a theme around the interest of the children. If they are into soccer then give them a soccer room, a ballerina should have a practice bar, Bamboo Flooring, and plenty of mirrors to practice with.

choosing-blinds-for-childrens-roomsBaseball bats make great drapery rods, cheerleading pom poms make great swag holders! Buy pieces of fabric in their school’s colors and drape them on the wall above their bed for a canopy a queen would die for.

Use a low-cost smooth PVC vertical some glue and a poster of their favorite superhero or rock star, cut the poster in 3 1/2″ strips, and glue the poster onto the vertical slats. When you make great-looking window blinds for children’s rooms it will mean more to them than anything you could buy.

Get a no holes wood or faux wood blind, slip the slats out with no holes. They slip right out, then paint the slats their school colors or other favorite colors of theirs. Slip the slats back in and you have a one-of-a-kind masterpiece they will be proud of.

Keep it Safe

For children’s rooms, vinyl blinds are a lot more kid-friendly than their aluminum cousins. You won’t have to worry about them getting cut on the slates like you would with aluminum blinds.

The vinyl slats are a lot more pliable than the aluminum ones.

Always ask for the newer breakaway and safety cord options when purchasing window blinds for children’s rooms.

Safer yet would be to eliminate the cords altogether and go with the cordless version. Safe for a few dollars more is a good investment.

If your children are smaller opt-out of draperies and just use a valance over your window blinds for children’s rooms to give them that extra special oomph. This brings us to:

Keep it Simple

What do I mean by keeping it simple? I keep thinking back to this shade we made for this young mother to put in her little girl’s room. It definitely wasn’t for the little girl it was for her mother’s ego.

kids-room-blindsIt was a combination of a roman shade and a balloon shade that had to be sewn and then fabricated by hand one balloon or swag at a time because the long and short points were different for each individual pouf.

The resulting shade was gorgeous, but the little girl could care less, she probably would have been happier with a $4 vinyl mini blind.

The mother had bought one of those $50 decorating books that are worthless, full of pictures of window treatments that are not practicable or functional and worse still, subtly tell you that you are not chic unless 80% of your house is beautifully inhabitable.

The point I’m trying to make is to keep it simple.

Children need to be kids, they just want to have fun and enjoy their room. $4 mini blinds are not a bad investment for window blinds for children’s rooms. They clean easy-just a little soap and water- and should they break-they will go buy another. Such-a-deal!

If you are into making your own window blinds for children’s rooms then Jennifer Thoden has some great ideas in her Sewing roman shades
that can be converted into great kids room shades or if you prefer to put a great looking valance over a blind then How to make window valances would be your ebook of choice.

Use your imagination, think outside the box, and create with your child a masterpiece that they will remember and talk about to their grandchildren.