How to Prevent Light Gaps Coming Through Your Blinds and Shades

Is light shining in through gaps on the sides of your blinds or shades? We’ll show you how to cover them on existing windows or prevent them when ordering new window treatments

Why Are There Light Gaps In My Windows Blinds and Shades?

But first of all, why do light gaps happen?

blinds-light-gapsAll window blinds and shades must be made slightly smaller than the window opening itself. This will prevent rubbing on the window frame when lowered or raised.

For some windows, the wood or vinyl strip around the glass may overlap enough to cover the gaps. However, in situations where it does not, the light will shine through.

Custom window blinds and shutters and are made to order in your exact measurements. They will always give you a tighter fit than the or stock options out there. When you opt for custom blinds, you get a finished look every time with minimal light gaps that appear in varying degrees.

If you’re looking to cover gaps on existing blinds or shades, you generally have 2 options to remedy the problem.

  1. Layer draperies on top. Blackout draperies will be the most effective. This will also give your windows a more stylish layered look.
  2. Add vinyl light gap blockers. These are strips with a sticky backing that you can easily adhere to your window to block the gaps and prevent the light. If your shade doesn’t offer them, you can purchase them separately.

How Much Light Do You Really Want To Block?

If you’re ordering new window blinds or shades and you really want to prevent light gaps, first ask yourself how much light you want to block overall. Are you a day sleeper who needs absolute darkness when the sun is out? Do you work from home and you still want a bit of light?

Here are some tips to help you decide:

  • Select a style with small light gaps like cellular shades
  • Add light gap blockers
  • Consider layering draperies on top

If you don’t need complete darkness and you just want to reduce light gaps, cellular shades may be your best option. They come in light filtering fabric and will fit tightly to the window to give you good coverage.