Everything You Need To Know About Solar Shades Before You Buy

It’s time to cool down your home with solar shades! With these, you can see out of the window but still enjoy natural sunlight without being dazzled by harsh rays. Solar shades are the perfect modern window treatment. They are specifically designed to provide UV protection and the ideal summer window treatment. This energy-efficient design can work for almost any window. They still allow for lots of sun exposure with different fabrics that determine the level of opaqueness or transparency perfect for your living areas.

Openness Of The Fabric

What’s the difference between a shady and sunny day when you have solar shades? The opaqueness of course!

kitchen-solar-blindsIn terms of solar shades, the “openness” of the fabric refers to how tight the weave is. This will determine how much visibility and how much light will be allowed in through the fabric. There is more than one level of openness when it comes to window shades. The value usually ranges between 1 and 10 with the higher percentage allowing for more light and increased visibility.

The lower the percentage the more light the shade will block while offering less visibility.

Different oppennes factors offer different benefits and you should consider the desired location, privacy preference, sunlight visibility before making your choice on which option best suits your needs.

By lessening the intensity of the blaring sun streaming into your home, you can save money by spending less on your energy bills in the long run. With solar shades as a hard-working window treatment idea, you can still see out of the window but the glare and annoying light will be filtered, making for a much more pleasurable outlook.

The Benefits of Solar Shades

It’s no surprise that our solar shades are the best choice for those who need to reduce their energy costs. These products can cut down on your monthly electric bills by as much as 15%. Plus, they provide you with increased privacy while allowing light to pass through them so it won’t be too dim in rooms where people spend most of their day working.

And if what we said wasn’t enough reason yet then consider this, solar blinds come in such a wide selection of styles and many are manufactured from 100% recycled materials with a 20-year lifespan. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice long-term savings without losing any quality, performance, or aesthetic appeal.

Since roller shades don’t have any pleating or draping, they’re a breeze to clean.

solar-blindsWhile care instructions will depend on the fabric you choose (i.e., if it’s made from cotton with delicate machine stitching), most can be cleaned in just minutes.

This can easily be done by hand using either a damp sponge or vacuum cleaner.

Best of all, there’s absolutely no need for harsh chemicals!

For those who want an even easier way of keeping their windows looking pristine without having too many different products around when maintaining this type of shade fabric is essential) there are surface sprays designed specifically for this purpose, making it even easier.