If you are looking for Window Blinds or Window Shutters for your house, have you also considered Solar Window Screens?

Solar Window Screens LOOK GREAT and will KEEP THE HEAT OUT of your House

Solar Window Screens not only look great, but they are extremely effective at keeping the sun’s heat out of your house by providing shade for your windows by blocking the sun. Solar Window Screens fit on the outside of your home’s windows.

Window Blinds, Window Shutters, or Solar Window Screens?

If you live in Austin Tx Texas and you are looking for Window Blinds or Window Shutters, have you also considered Solar Window Screens? Please contact us to learn about our Solar Window Screens.

From our Austin TX Solar Window Screen headquarters we offer the following:


Installed Window & Solar Screen Pricing for Austin TX Homes, Houses, Businesses, and Commercial Buildings and full explanation of costs to install a window. We only service the Austin TX area but options are available online throughout the USA via trusted resources such as homesace.com.

We have 25 Color Combinations of Solar Window Screens for you to choose from.

We only use the industry’s highest-end, toughest, longest-lasting, most durable Solar Window Screen Fabric professionally installed, Phifer Suntex. There’s not a better Solar Window Screen fabric out there that we could use to make our solar window screens out of.


We offer 80% and 90% Shading Densities. The 80% is ideal for most of your home’s, house, businesses / commercial building’s windows; however, here in Austin TX our Summers get extremely hot, therefore the West facing windows of the home should warrant the 90% fabric. We explain this on our website here. 80% vs 90% Solar Screens

For FREE from our website, if you live within our Austin TX service area, you can request a sample kit from our website. For free we will mail you our fabric samples so that you can first-hand see the superior quality of our Phifer Suntex Fabric and the five colors and 80% and 90% shading densities that the fabric comes in. Additionally, within this sample kit, we include five frame color samples to help you choose what color of framing you would want.


We have three pages of 250+ Hi-Resolution pictures on our website so you can see the various color combinations that have been put on the various homes. Our Solar Screen Pictures (Pg1) (Pg2) (Pg3) will help you to see what color combination would be best for your home as well as you can see what the solar screens look like against the various different exteriors of homes. Once we see your Home, House, Business / Commercial Building, we of course will help you pick an appropriate color combination. We want to make sure you pick the ideal color combination for your exterior, so we will always offer our recommendation of what would be best.

On our website, we have an exceptionally thorough Solar Screen Questions and Answers Page dedicated to answering all the questions you have about us and our solar window screens or window prices such as Marvin window replacement prices. This page is very detailed with the likes of illustrative aids like drawings, pictures, and videos.

We have a page we made of videos that explain how we install our solar screens on the various types of windows we have here in the Austin TX area. Here in Austin TX, we have many types of windows, windows that differ from the rest of the country (every area of the country has its own kind and make of windows unique to the manufacturers of that area, unique to the era / many years of manufacturing within that area). We often get asked how we install our solar windows screens, so we made this page to illustrate how we install our solar screens on the various windows that we have here in the Austin TX area. Videos of How We Install

There’s no better way to get a feel for a company than first-hand experiences from its customers. We have collected and posted 300+ reviews from our solar screen customers here within these pages for you to review. Customer Feedback (Pg1) (Pg2) (Pg3) (Pg4)

Requesting the installation of our custom handmade solar window screens that we make specific to the windows of your home, house, or business / commercial building from our WebSite could not have been simpler.

Download and share this section of our website as an MS Word Doc or a PDF

Our Europen Customers in the UK can try windowreplacementadvisor.co.uk for UK window price guide

Will Solar Screens give me Privacy?

During the day, solar screens will provide privacy for your home’s windows, however at night, solar screens will not provide privacy for your home’s windows. For privacy, solar screens do not replace the need for internal window blinds or window shutters. During the day, however, solar screens are an effective product to provide you with daytime privacy so that you can draw open your window blinds.

5 Star Reviews
from Solar Screen Customers

Hi Josh, Just a quick thank-you for the excellent service you provided. The Austin Solar Screens aka Solar Window Screens look great and really made a difference this past Summer. Thanks for the fast & friendly service!
Sheila Johnson, Lakeway, TX [re: 53]

solar-shutters-and-screensJosh & Paula, Thanks so much for your promptness and easy-going personality. You did a great job of helping me choose the color of the solar screen for my house. The Window Sun Shade Screens aka Solar Window Screens look GREAT and are definitely helping with energy savings. I will recommend your services to all my friends.
Thanks again, Lourdes Smith, Hutto, TX [re: 54]

Hello! Today is Monday 10/27/08 & it is difficult to say if there is much temperature difference after the install, as the days have become cooler, but we must say that we love our new Window Sun Screens aka Solar Screens!

We are now able to open all our windows and enjoy the cool breeze.
Thank you both, James Acuna, Pflugerville, TX [re: 55]

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